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Wood Chipping Service

Clearing up your garden can be hard work. Nobody ever plans to have wood chip piles left around the garden, especially if you recently had a tree removed, but life gets in the way sometimes and clearing up can quickly turn into an overwhelming venture.

Branches, leaves and bark end need to be cleared from the garden. We have our wood chipping service to turn wood chip piles into wood chip mulch, wood chip log roll or wood chip borders.

Our team offer a solution to turn wood chip woody waste into wood chip mulch, wood chip logs or wood chip borders. It will make your garden look tidy and gives you the perfect wood chippings to use around your plants.

Wood chips can be expensive to purchase, but by converting your wood chip woody waste into wood chips, you can save money in the long term and helping the environment.
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Benefits of Wood Chipping

Wood chippings keep the soil around your garden plants healthy by adding nutrients to the earth; wood chip mulch also helps the ground retain moisture. Wood chips will help to prevent weeds from growing by creating a barrier around your plants.

Wood chips are very effective at reducing water runoff, and they’re gentle on the feet, so you can enjoy spending time in your garden without getting wood chippings everywhere.

Wood chips can act as a weed inhibitor, keeping any weeds already present in the soil, meaning new weeds cannot get through wood chips.

Not only ideal for the environment but can also act as an insulator reducing how much water is lost from your plants during warm weather.

By maintaining your wood chips, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run. If you do have wood chips that have grown over the garden season, then we can come and wood chip them for you too.

Our Wood Chipping Service

Our team of professional tree surgeons can handle any job, big or small. We only use the best wood chippers. Let us take care of your wood chippings so you can enjoy the garden.

Whether you want wood chips to use as a border, wood chip mulch for your flowerbeds or wood chip logs that look great as a feature in your garden, we offer quality wood chipping service no matter what the job is.

If you would like to learn more about our tree services or leave your wood chippings with us, please contact us. We offer wood chipping in Chelmsford and throughout the Essex area.